New San Francisco Painter Hits the Scene – Zio Ziegler

Zio Ziegler - Mumora

When it comes to new painters in San Francisco Zio Ziegler is one up and coming name to know about. Based out of the hip Mission district, Zio grabbed my attention with the way he talks about his art.

I make in order to understand, rather to explain what has been made.

Cool, he has my attention. But what does he mean? What is he trying to understand?

I paint how I feel, not how I see. Rather than finding a concept and executing it in a linear fashion, I react to my questions, life and awareness. There is no conclusion, only more questions. There is no meaning except for that which the viewer designates.

Zio’s art is an expression of his own inward human experience. There we go. This is something everyone can relate to – it demystifies Zio and puts him on equal footing with his work’s viewers. Nice.

Ziegler is yet another example of an artist who emerged from being shunned at art school for being “not good enough” and instead chose himself. He is steadfast in his opinion that trusting your intuition and never wavering is the key to his work.

He kept painting in the face of adversity and figured out how to tell his story.

Like many artists, Zio works mostly from instinct rather than with premeditated, thought out approach. This shines through in his beautiful stream-of-consciousness style murals. He paints to inspire a sense of curiosity in the viewer, and for the viewer to come to their own conclusion about what the work means for them.

It seems he intends for most of his works to be a jumping off point for the viewer rather than to be viewed as a finished product that is trying to convey a message.

I caught Steve Carerra on Twitter the other day, who caught some sick raw footage of Zio talking about creativity and how he got into painting after being rejected while at art school:

Zio and team also seem to be having some sort of feature coming out soon, which looks very promising. Here’s the 2 minute teaser if you’re interested:

Check out more of Zio’s paintings at

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