Touran Taj Samii

Head of Content

Touran knew from a very young age that she was not an artist. Her grandmother was an artist (and a very well known one at that). And her mother was an artist. So Touran had to come to terms with the fact that she was not an artist (although she’s pretty nifty behind the lens) and that’s exactly what she did. In her own way that is.

Although she was not an artist, she loved being around art.

In fact, there was no place where she felt happier than an art gallery. Once she knew her love for art and artists, she set out on her journey to learn everything there is to know about art and with the mindset that she would spend the rest of her life not making art herself, but helping artist do exactly that.

That’s what led Touran to studying Art History at the University of British Columbia and work for art galleries in London and Vancouver – she was passionate about finding the best methods for promoting artists, so they can focus on their creative talent.

Touran took all that knowledge and decided to embark on her own journey to build a channel for artists to get their work out to the world. That’s how Mumora came along. It was the perfect channel for Touran to get to know artists and help them get their art across seas, continents, and webpages.

Touran has been working on Mumora building artist relations, reaching out to new artists, building content for artists, finding clients for artists, and helping artists craft their online profiles ever since. You won’t find a happier, more passionate, and art-loving fanatic around.