[Interview] Photographer Romeo Shagba on How to Find Your Style as an Artist

Romeo Shagba on How to Find Your Style as an Artist

Recently I was lucky enough to sit down with up-and-coming photographer Romeo Shagba and pick his brain on creativity, craft, and how to find your style as an artist.

Romeo came to Malaysia by way of Nigeria some years ago and has since established himself as a portrait photographer with an uncanny surrealist style.

© Romeo Shagba Photography | romeoshagba.com

Little Red Riding Hood, © Romeo Shagba

Tune in below while Romeo and I discuss…

  • When to hone and pick a specific style and how having a distinct style helps you brand yourself
  • How to find your niche
  • Knowing your market and meet the people you need to advance the quality of gigs you’re getting
  • Having a stringent cut for which photos make it public
  • How to set up the right conditions for creativity to flow
  • Not overthinking an idea
  • The effect of pressure on creativity
  • The state of photography in 2014
  • The future of photography

Listen here:

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Stuff we reference in the interview you may be wondering about:

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