Mumora was born out of the idea that every artist should be able to make a living from their art. After meeting so many struggling artists forced to take up day jobs to pay the bills, make art just a hobby, or struggle to get noticed, the team behind Mumora decided it’s time for these trends to stop.

Through Mumora, artists don’t need to be represented by a gallery or auction house to get exposure. And art lovers don’t need to go to a gallery or auction to discover new art. It’s all accessible through one clickity clack (ok, maybe two) on

Whether it is writing, finding the cure for cancer, or banging on a steel drum, each one of us was put on this earth to contribute something. To create something. And to leave their mark.

Meet the Team



Touran Samii – Artist Relations



After studying art history at the University of British Columbia and working for art galleries in London and Vancouver, she yearned to do something different with her life.  She went on to found Mumora.  Read more >>






Grayson Smith – Product Growth



A big fan of music, film, and all kinds of arts, Grayson met Touran in Malaysia.  Sharing the common passion for encouraging self expression and creativity, they went on to start Mumora together in late 2013.  Read more >>





Mah Manzar Samii - Writer

Mah Manzar Samii – Writer



Manzar has her Masters in Gender and Media Studies from the London School of Economics and in recent years has become a powerful voice in the critique of art. She now writes art critiques for Mumora on various exhibitions, shows, and openings.  Read more >>




Board of Advisors


Artistic Advisor

Sydney Cooper

Sydney Cooper – Artistic Advisor

Syndey Cooper has exhibited widely, including the Santa Monica Museum in California, the Center for Contemporary Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Allied Cultural Prosthetics in New York City as well as various galleries and other venues. She has participated in and co-organized several site-specific public installations such as the Windows Project in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Bloc-Busta in New Mexico, and Wall works at Plan B: Evolving Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Cooper also curated NM10: Dispersion, at CINEMALAND, Chinatown, Los Angeles. She also coordinated local artists to work with a roster of international artists for the Lucky #7 Biennial at SITE Santa Fe participating in a mural project with Scot Lyall and a recycled bottle project with Hiroshi Fuji.

Sydney is collaborating with Mumora as an Artistic Advisor. Learn more about Sydney here>>



Financial Advisor

Sawyer Greene

Sawyer Greene – Financial Advisor



After graduating Wesleyan University in Connecticut, Sawyer spent four years living abroad in England where he was a strategy manager for Lloyds Banking Group. He decided to depart from the world of financial services to earn his master’s degree at the University of Cambridge where he pursued his passion for the environment and international development. Sawyer is now a consultant interested in innovative mission-driven startups.







Space Debris

Space Debris is an art space that collaborates with established and emerging artists from around the world. Space Debris was founded by the Turkish native Seyhan Musaoglu, an artist involved in the New York art scene. Inspired by the talented artists from across the world working in New York, Seyhan established Space Debris in Istanbul and New York. Visit Space Debris here to learn more>>