Nik Parks on How to Use Social Media Effectively to Grow Your Following

It’s kind of a mystery what really is the best way to use social media. After all, you could spend the whole day on Twitter and Facebook alone.

And then what about Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat… and that weird Google Plus? There is a lot you COULD be doing… but what really matters is focusing on doing what is going to pay off the most for you.

The other day I had the pleasure to catch Nik Parks of Launching Creative — a guy at the forefront of using social media as it relates to building a career as a creative, and all around go-getter.

On his site he interviews lots of successful creatives. I especially like his interview with musician and producer, Pogo.

Click below and listen to Nik’s tips on the trends he’s seen over his time interviewing successful creatives, how to use social media effectively to drive people to your site, as well as what he sees as the essential skills to have in your toolbox as a creative entrepreneur.

Topics covered:

  • The power of giving to your audience for free
  • How to make that first step to making money off your art
  • What entrepreneurship skills are necessary to know something about as an artist
  • Which skills aren’t
  • How Nik has used new social media like Snapchat
  • Using other people’s blogs to get more fans
  • How to deal with critics
  • When it’s worth it to stick it out with your “day job” and when it’s better to give your own work 100%

Listen to the full interview here:

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