Kristina Hagman Paints 36 Views of Mount Rainier in Traditional Japanese Wood Block Style

36 Views of Mount Rainier - View from the South

Today we’d like to introduce to you another one of our favorite artists, Kristina Hagman.

For decades Kristina has been deeply involved in the art world. She started showing her work at art galleries in the early 80s in California, and has since grown her clientele to all corners of the US as well as Europe.

One series of hers that immediately catches the eye is her 36 Views of Mount Rainier wood block series. Check it out:

36 Views of Mount Rainier - The Heart of the Mountain

36 Views of Mount Rainier - Predawn Silver

36 Views of Mount Rainier - View from the South

On one Seattle morning in 2009, Kristina Hagman was inspired by the beautiful, looming Mount Rainier – the same mountain that forms the backdrop to everyday life for locals. As the year went by she noticed how different the mountain looked depending on where you were observing it from, and how its luster changed with colors of the 4 seasons.

Being a long time lover of Katsushika Hokusai’s Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji, she decided to capture the lonely Washington mountain through a series of wood block prints – an homage to the Japanese artist.

A few years later, the series of 36 traditional ukiyo-e color woodblocks were born.

36 Views of Mount Rainier

Click the image above to browse the wood blocks

The mountain snuck up on me as I followed my daily routine, tantalizing me from the corner of my eye until I had to make it the focus of my art. I have since traveled all over the state of Washington painting Mount Rainier from every imaginable setting, inspiring me to become a wood block artist.

After talking with Kristina about our mission to help artists market themselves outside galleries we knew we had something.

I’m proud to announce Kristina’s 36 Views of Mount Rainier works are now available for purchase!

Every few days we’ll be releasing a few more of the wood block prints, so be sure to check back with us for the latest part of the set. If you’re interested in purchasing the full collection of 36 drop us an email (or email and we can arrange for that as well.


For Kristina Hagman’s wood block process skip to 3:15

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