[Interview] Kristina Hagman on her Journey to Becoming a Successful Artist

There is nothing that isn’t brilliant about Kristina Hagman. An artist and woodblock print maker in her own right, I’m grateful to be working with her and featuring her stunning prints on Mumora. You can check out her prints here.

The Mumora team has been working with Kristina for a number of months now and it just felt right to interview her for our Mumora podcast series. After all, Mumora is here to showcase groundbreaking artists and to serve as a resource for artists to learn how to get their artwork out there.

Being a successful artist for decades now, Kristina has an abundance of knowledge to share. Her work has been published in more than 20 journals, newspapers, and magazines including USA Today, People, the Los Angeles Times and the Miami Herald and she has worked with a number of talented artists – you can read her full biography here. Naturally I was excited to interview her.

I wanted to choose my questions for Kristina very carefully so I decided to reach out to artists and see what they would ask other successful artists if they had the chance. The questions were amazing and became the foundation for this interview.

I have no doubt that if you’re an artist, there’s something to learn in this exclusive 45 minute interview – we go in-depth and uncover the secrets to success. 

Grab a seat and go inside the world of Kristina Hagman and her journey as an artist.

Topics covered:

  • Building your art credentials
  • Mastering a certain craft
  • Choosing the right subject
  • Carving a niche for yourself
  • Evolving your art
  • Getting your first sale

Listen to the interview here:

If we didn’t mention it in the podcast, you can purchase Kristina’s woodblock prints online and have them shipped directly to your door! Check out our shop to see Kristina’s collection.

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Have any questions for Kristina? Comment below and chat with me and Kristina.

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