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Photo Credit: Gil Cope

Kristina Hagman is a talented wood block print artist and painter who grew up in Los Angeles, California. During her time in LA is where she discovered her fascination with the curved structures of the winding freeway that has become so emblematic of the west coast mega-city.

Her work and life took her away from Los Angeles for 33 years to some of the most beautiful cities around the States, stops including Santa Fe, New Mexico (where she studied art) and Seattle, Washington (where she painted one of her most iconic series, 36 Views of Mount Rainier).

My personal favorites include View from the South and Predawn Silver, both in her Mount Rainier series.

Her education though is largely non-traditional, much of which came from being mentored by a variety of artists as she bounced around the country mastering her craft. While in Santa Fe she was intimate with the John Sloane Drawing Group for a number of years and studied at the Santa Fe Institute of Art with three of greatest West Coast artists Wayne Thiebaud, Nathan Oliveira, and Richard Diebenkorn.

After her 2012 debut of “36 Views of Mount Rainier” Hagman decided it was time to move once again back to California and pursue her latest muse – capturing the varied beauty on the west coast, from Canada all the way down to Mexico and continue with the wood block printing process she adores so much.

Kristina Hagman’s work has been published in more than 20 journals, newspapers, and magazines including USA Today, People, the Los Angeles Times and the Miami Herald, so needless to say, we’re ecstatic to be working together here at Mumora.

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What people are saying about Kristina

It is striking to see the prints all together…just awesome like Mt Rainier itself as you look up to see the prints laid out 3 high and 12 across.

Some of [the 36 Views of Mount Rainier] are almost documentary… what Rainier looks like from Alki or Seward Park or Rainier Avenue – while others just throb and glow

-Jen Graves,