Let Me Introduce to You… Nikola Kostic

Nikola Kostic

This past month in Bali have been an absolute ride for Touran and I. We were able to launch this website, as well as make friends with dozens of artists doing amazing things right here in Bali, Indonesia. The laid back island lifestyle here really gives way to creativity and open mindedness like few other places I’ve seen in Asia.

Each artist has offered us something unique, whether it be their view on entrepreneurship, creativity, making money doing what you love… but it wasn’t until just a few weeks ago that we met someone who seemed to live and breathe our mission.

His name is Nikola, and he’s been an artist in Southeast Asia for the past 15 years.

Throughout his time in Bali he has experienced crazy highs and lows, sometimes only a few weeks separated him from going hungry, homeless on the southern beaches, to photographing from the bow of a majestic sailboat perusing the Indonesian archipelago.

The thing is — through all the adversity he stayed true to who he was and didn’t settle. He kept shooting photos, and relentlessly kept getting them out to whoever stumbled upon his stores in Bali. He refused to relegate his creative practice to a hobby. He pushed onwards. It’s his kind of resourceful, never settling attitude that will bring about the future in which creativity is king.

Nikola is both a brilliant photographer and well-versed in the art of creative entrepreneurship. After some (well, not too much) deliberation Touran and I decided to bring him on board not only as a featured artist but also to record a few of our conversations with him, so he can mentor those of you who are just starting to make your artwork into a living.

The cool thing is that it isn’t until today that Nikola’s work has been available to purchase online. Until today, unless you touch your own two feet on the sandy beaches of Bali you wouldn’t be able to come by his photography.

Today I’m proud to welcome Nikola Kostic into the foldĀ as the first artist to be featured in our online gallery.

Oh, and don’t forget to read Nikola’s full story and listen to the soundbites about his journey so far.

You can expect a full 30 minute interview with Nikola where he gives all the dirty details on the ups and downs of being a creative entrepreneur, what keeps him going, and his advice for young 20-something aspiring creatives coming to the site in a few weeks.

Until soon…


PS. Next week we’re off to check out the art scene in China. Get at us if you want to meet up.
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