[Interview] Matej Valtr on his Creative Process as a Filmmaker

Matej Valtr, filmmaker and photographer

I was lucky enough to catch up with a friend of mine, Matej Valtr, and talk to him about his creative process and how he came to be a filmmaker and photographer.

Matej is a Czech filmmaker and fine art photographer who is now working in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Check out the official music video for the American band Metropolis America, filmed and directed by Matej:

Metropolis America – A Stolen Heart In A Stolen Car from Mate Valtr on Vimeo

In his very thick Czech accent, Matej shared with me how he captures stories with his lens.

Listen below and let yourself being guided through the mind of a Czech artist on these topics and more:

  • How he got started as a film maker
  • How to find inspiration in the everyday
  • When to listen to criticism
  • The importance of taking action
  • How to build a dream team to see your idea through
  • The role of editing and what editing software to use
  • The key to success: working on short projects before going for a big feature film
  • How to manage multiple projects

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We also a mention a few things about various editing software and cameras to use during the interview that you might want to check out. Here they are:

Adobe Premier

– Software to use for video editing. Note: this is professional software that is not free

Adobe After Effects

– Software to use for video editing and visual effects. Note: this is professional software that is not free

Ableton Live

– Software for music production. Note: this is professional software that is not free

Canon EOS 550D

– Semi-pro camera that’s good to shoot photos with especially when you’re traveling

Canon EOS 5D

– Pro camera that’s good for full-frame shots

You can check out more of Matej’s films and photos here: http://matevaltr.com/

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