Art Dubai 2014, What It’s All About

With Art Dubai starting this week, the Emirates are abuzz with gallery openings, film screenings and performances that give this art fair a reputation for being one the most creative events in the Middle East.

In fact, Art Dubai prides itself on being a highly dynamic event that brings the most reputable international galleries to the heart of the United Arab Emirates and exposing the world to the region’s rich artistic history. There is no doubt that Art Dubai is a vibrant and exciting art fair that highlights some of the best artists of the 21st century.

For artists who are represented by galleries exhibiting at the fair, it is a time for meeting fellow artists, enjoying the various openings, finding further inspiration, and networking.

In addition, because it draws such an international crowd of art lovers, Art Dubai quickly becomes a brilliant platform for expanding the realm of arts and culture across the Middle East and North Africa.

Having said that, it is vital to think about which groups have access to the ideas, images, and narratives embedded in the artwork presented at the art fair in one of the Gulf’s most glamorous cities.

In many ways, artistic events like this further develop the importance of art, yet in many ways they also restrict art by maintaining a selective group of artists, galleries, and partners.  So art can quickly transform from creative expression to the expression of taste, status, and even privilege.

For this reason, it is important to think not only about what a piece of art may mean individually, but also how it is impacted by the definitions of art that accompany any given piece of work.

There is no doubt that Art Dubai should be enjoyed and appreciated, but perhaps it is also beneficial to take a moment to step away from the buzz and think about what art really means.

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