We believe in a future in which the #1 commodity is creativity. A future in which everyone is empowered to express themselves and make a living doing so.

Think for a second about all the things you loved most as a kid. Reading Harry Potter, messing around with your friends on Nintendo, or playing with neighbors on your favorite street corner.

That feeling of your mind running wild, stringing things together in all kinds of weird combinations, and dreaming up stories behind even the smallest part of life.

The thing is, schools these days value memorization and testing well on the SATs. So rarely do they reward students’ creativity – and as a result we’ve been churning out generations of graduates who have had the creativity crushed out of them.

But this isn’t the way of the future.

The future we believe in is one in which most of the “grunt work” jobs – the jobs that most of us do just to scrape by – have been automated by machines. As these jobs start requiring less human attention, the floodgates will open up for people to spend their time doing other things – the things that by nature will never be able to be done by machines.

You may have guessed by now we’re talking about things like art, self expression, and creative thinking.

This is the future we’re looking forward to and the future we founded Mumora on. A future in which everyone is able to express, market themselves, and make a living doing something creative and personally fulfilling.

To a more creative future full of good art –

The Mumora Team

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